BCF Joins the Finance Justice Fund

BCF Joins the Finance Justice Fund

BUSINESS CONSORTIUM FUND joins the opportunity finance network's finance justice fund

Finance Justice Fund

Business Consortium Fund is excited to announce a generous grant as well as financing capital from Opportunity Fund’s Finance Justice Fund.

The capital provided supports BCF’s ambitious growth plans as we scale and multiply our impact to support businesses owned by people of color. Our loans and financial advisory services support BCF’s mission and vision to close the racial wealth equity gap and support businesses that are underserved by mainstream finance.

“Congratulations to the Business Consortium Fund for its Finance Justice Fund award. This capital will help address long-standing issues of disinvestment, the racial wealth gap, and persistent poverty in our country,” said OFN President and CEO Lisa Mensah. “CDFIs, like the Business Consortium Fund, and Finance Justice Fund partners and investors are helping to advance social, economic, and racial justice one loan at a time.”

BCF encourages business owners of color to invest in themselves and work with BCF financial advisors to identify affordable ways to grow their businesses. Please follow our LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/company/business-consortium-fund, and Twitter, https://twitter.com/bcfcapital, social channels.

We are grateful to our clients and supporters for your partnership. If you want to support our work or apply for a loan, please contact us today.